Athimathuram Stick - 100 GMS

  • Athimathuram Stick - 100 GMS

Athimathuram Stick - 100 GMS

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·         It is commonly called as sweet wood.

·         Athimathiram is called as Mulethi in Hindi. In Tamil Nadu, we call it as Athimathuram

·         It belongs to Fabaceae family of flowering plants. Common usage of Athimadhuram is treating cough and cold.

·         Ayurveda encourages its use for treating many conditions such as leprosy, blood impurity, ulcers, alexiteric, diuretic and aphrodisiac conditions.

·         Athimathuram is widely used for treating different ailments. From infections to conditions like epilepsy, a variety of ailments can be treated using the root of Mulethi plant.


Ingredients Athimathuram Stick
Weight 100 gms
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