Kuthiraivali / Barnyard Millet - 500 GMS

Kuthiraivali / Barnyard Millet - 500 GMS

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  • Barnyard millet known as kuthiravali in Tamil,Oodalu in Kannada,odalu in Telugu,Jhangora in Hindi and Kavadapullu in Malayalam whose fiber content is Six times high when compared with wheat.

  • Its a gluten free millet with high calcium, phosphorous, fiber, carbohydates & fat too.

  • It helps to maintain the body temperature.

  • It acts as a good anti-oxidant

  • Our products are Natural; No side-effects has been found, but please consult your doctor if you’re allergic to certain products.


Ingredients Kuthiraivali Millet Rice
Weight 500 gms
Cooking Instruction Cook it in the ratio of 1 cup nativefoodstore Millet and 3 cups water. Pressure cook for 3 whistles in medium flame. Serve and feel traditional food taste
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