Millets – The Forgotten Super Foods

Yes! the small but the tiny miracle grains are the superfood of this era. Millets are called super food as they are a storehouse of nutrients, with good amount of calcium, iron and phosphorus than rice and wheat. These super cool grains are not only rich in fibre, but are gluten-free!  Hence they can significantly benefit the millions of people throughout the world who suffer from diabetes and other conditions like Celiac disease etc. These  miracle grains  have been a core part of the Indian diet for hundreds of years,people of India have been cultivating  different types of millets as they were high on energy and light on the stomach.

In the name of advancement and globalization of food, we have erred in  forgetting many of our conventional foods, and replaced them with junk  food. The unhealthy eating habits are induced by the easy availability of processed foods in people’s diets and have resulted both directly and indirectly to a plethora of  lifestyle diseases. We now are forced to go back to our roots and tradition to rediscover foods that are healthy and tastier too.

Getting people to change what they eat is tough, but it is believed that a shift would help to improve our relationship with environment and restore human health.   India is a big powerhouse when it comes to millets which are healthy and affordable. These Millets can be used as a traditional cereal, or it can be used in various form for countless purpose to make porridgenoodlesflakes etc,. Millets have a lower glycemic index than rice and wheat. Glycemic index is nothing but the measure of how fast our body converts food into sugar which is one of the major factor contributing to the rise in rates of diabetes. India being the diabetes of the world, few scientists have suggested eating millets could help Indians reduce their risk of this disease.

There are few basic and interesting things to know about millets, there are two main groups of millets : major millets and small millets based on the grain size. Sorghum and pearl millet are the major millets whereas Finger millet (Kelvaragu), Little millet (Samai), Kodo millet (Varagu), Foxtail millet (Thinai), Barnyard millet (Kuthiraivaali) and Proso millet (Panivaragu) are six different small millets. These millets contribute towards the balanced diet with the  nutritional security through regular consumption as one millet variety per day keeps both the human and the environment safe.

NIN Hyderabad
Source: NIN Hyderabad

Traditional wisdom and our intuition tell us this is the simple way for sustainable eating and an healthier living. Nourishing one’s own self and family according to nutrition principles becomes a wise, mature and loving act of care.

Gift yourself and your loved ones a healthy life by getting back to these forgotten super foods available at all through the year.