Top 10 Benefits of Balloon Vine Herb

It’s a well recognized herb in Tamilnadu for its effectiveness in fighting against joint problems and nerves weakness problems. Balloon vine plant “Mudakathan Keerai” in Tamil and its botanical name is Cardiospermum halicacabum, Mudakathan keerai is a climber with balloon like fruits.In Tamil Nadu people used to say “the person who eats Mudakathan Keerai”will never gets joint related diseases.

The name Mudakathan in Tamil derived from Mudaku+atran means “keeps away arthritis

It’s a common herb taken as cooked spinach or added with Dosa batter.

and it’s botanical name is cardiospermum halicacabum.

According to the book, “Nutritive Value of Indian Foods,” balloon vine leaves (mudakathan keerai) contains the following values:

Moisture – 83.3g

Protein – 4.7g

Fat. – 6g

Carb – 9g

Minerals – 2.3g9.1kcal

Calcium – 61mg

In Tamilnadu mudakathan keerai has been trusted it as the ability to treat joint pain related diseases like arthritis.In many cultures this plant is harvested in backyards for both medicinal and food value.Balloon vine or Mudakathan has been used for centuries to treat manu ailments yet it is best known as weed by modern society as a weed.

In Tamilnadu  the most popular way of using mudakathan keerai is by making dosa out of it. Those who are suffering from arthritis, joint pain and inflammation should try to include this dosai at least twice week in their diet along with external application of lead extract oil.The oil can be made by frying the leaves in castor oil in mild flame and apply the mix to joints.

Nowadays many street vendors are selling mudakathan keerai because of the awareness among people.From you can buy mudakathan keerai/Balloon vine in the form of natural powder mix, which can be added with rice with little gingelly or sesame oil with it.