Simple Ways of Including Millets in Your Diet

If millets aren’t on your menu yet, then they should be! These little grains are powerhouses of nutrition, they’re so easy to cook, and they’re super yummy. Millets are among the healthiest foods available today and can help prevent a plethora of widespread illnesses.

So why they aren’t core part of our staple diets yet?? It is because when it comes to food choices, a large majority of health-conscious people opt for oats and quinoa over millets. Though it is evident that fitness and health are becoming important for today’s urban Indians, there is a general lack of awareness about millets and therefore people buy quinoa and oats over millets. To the India’s urban population who is slowly warming up to the idea of consuming millets, one meal of millets a day is a good way to begin.

Here are some simple and easy ways to include the healthy millets in your daily lifestyle.

Millet Noodles:  
Yes, you read that right. Let’s end the battle between health and taste, and start using Millet Noodles which are fortified with single or multi millets and whole wheat flour. Tasty and Healthy too. 

Millet Dosa: 
Dosa, one of our favorite dish , that being the case replacing regular rice dosa batter with instant millets dosa mix time to switch to a healthier and tastier dosa. Let us do it now.

Multi Millet Chappathi:
When we say Multigrain, it is not just more than one grain in the flour content, in fact it is a combination of five to six grains or sometimes even more. Try out most preferred and healthy variants of chappathi.

Millet Pongal:
The popular hot breakfast dish from South India is usually made with raw rice, but it can be substituted with millets, a much healthier and more nutritious alternative.

Millet Flakes: 
These flakes can be used to make healthy snacks too. Thin millet fries are easy and quick to make, and consume less oil.

Millet Kozhukattai:
You can make both sweet and savory variants, give it to your kids when they come back tired from school and just watch them relish these super healthy and tasty snacks. 

These are few quick tips in which our traditional super grains can be brought back into our lifestyles. With rising health issues and food safety concerns, it is these tiny, rugged-looking grains that can come to the rescue, promote a win-win situation for farmers and consumers alike, and in such delicious and divergent ways.

It is a new and exciting way for indigenous eating and a healthy lifestyle. Heed to the age old saying, “Have a balance in your Life and food". It takes care of you and our environment!