Ensure Good Nutrition In Your Food

What are you doing to ensure good nutrition in your food today?

Most of us today demand for convenience food, ready to eat breakfast cereals, which add only bulk to our appetite. Do you think they are healthy? Will they satisfy our nutrients requirement? No not at all, those foods are deficient in proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. Massive task in today’s engaging lifestyle is making healthy and nutritious food.

During your hard days at work easy access to junk is what you would wish for; and on those easy days, you should lay down the law to plan healthy food and consciously include good nutrition in your diet.

What about nutri-cereals? Wondering what?

They are coarse grains and a store house of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals - Millets. Yes! These cereals have low fat content and contains mainly unsaturated fat. They are easy to digest and has awesome nutrition in every bite. The practice of consuming millets as part of the daily diet is not new to India. But, many feel millets are tough to cook, thus we are hesitant to make use of them. But thankfully, in today's advanced world, adding mini portion of millets to our diet in the form of Upma, Idly, Dosa or Roti dough is a good way to start and the technology has made it simple process.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should include millets in your diet:

Fibre rich millet for longevity

Yes! Millets are high in both soluble and insoluble fibre. Various studies have shown that eating r fibre-rich food increases our longevity!  These super grains are high in soluble and insoluble fibre content which helps the food move through your digestive system easily and in a more controlled manner. The soluble fibre helps prevent acidity and reduce cholesterol while insoluble fibre can help improve bowel-related problems like constipation.

Say goodbye to diabetes with millets

Millets are complex carbohydrates that is, it contains carbohydrates that digests slower and steadier – so you will feel satiated for longer and will not feel hunger pangs in between meals. Owing to their versatility, they have less glycemic index (which is responsible for diabetes) than rice and wheat.

Keeps you young

Millets are a good source of antioxidants. (Wondering what is antioxidant? It is the safeguard for our skin from damages) The high number of antioxidants present in millets, fights free radicals present in the body and slows down the ageing process. (You are right , it keeps you young and beautiful :-) No wonder even a single meal cooked with millets can be a revitalizing experience. The antioxidant present in the millet not only makes you feel fresh but also rejuvenates your body.

Meets the daily nutrient Requirement

Among the millets the most important is Finger millet which is super rich in Calcium. It meets our 82 % of Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA)of calcium intake of an average Indian. Next to calcium is we give careful attention to Iron rich food. The Barnyard millet is rich in iron that is it meets 60% of our RDA. Now, I know you many wonder how much should I eat to meet this RDA and what about the other grains? Here is the table for you to clear your doubts. But note down these values are for 100g of each grain.

Are you super excited after looking at the table? Cool!!now you know the outstanding reasons that makes it all important to eat the wonder grains without second thought.

Healthy eating belongs to everyone and it does not have to be expensive, and moreover expensive eating is not always healthy. Meanwhile one of the great challenges of today is to develop inexpensive foods that are nutritionally superior. Despite the obvious benefits of millets, we recognize that there can be challenges when it comes to cooking them.

With all these in mind, we came up with the best idea to reverse this trend without giving up on the convenience (Yes! we know that is what you are looking for on your busy schedule).  So, we decided to look into the rainbow of traditional millet products and bring back foods that our grandparents ate regularly which are uncommon nowadays and what we found is going to keep happy and healthy regardless your busy day!

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