Millets – The Forgotten Super Foods


Yes! the small but the tiny miracle grains are the superfood of this era. Millets are called super food as they are a storehouse of nutrients, with good amount of calcium, iron and phosphorus than rice and wheat. These super cool grains are not only rich in fibre, but are gluten-free! 

What are you doing to ensure good nutrition in your food today?


What are you doing to ensure good nutrition in your food today?
Most of us today demand for convenience food, ready to eat breakfast cereals, which add only bulk to our appetite. Do you think they are healthy? Will they satisfy our nutrients requirement? No not at all, those foods are deficient in proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. Massive task in today’s engaging lifestyle is making healthy and nutritious food.
During your hard days at work easy access to junk is what you would wish for; and on those easy days, you should lay down the law to plan healthy food and consciously include good nutrition in your diet.

Simple Ways of Including Millets in Your Diet


If millets aren’t on your menu yet, then they should be! These little grains are powerhouses of nutrition, they’re so easy to cook, and they’re super yummy. Millets are among the healthiest foods available today and can help prevent a plethora of widespread illnesses. 

Top 10 Benefits of Balloon Vine Herb



It’s a well recognized herb for its effectiveness in fighting against joint problems and nerves weakness problems. Balloon vine plant “Mudakathan Keerai” in Tamil and its botanical name is Cardiospermum halicacabum, Mudakathan keerai is a climber with balloon like fruits. It’s a common herb taken as cooked spinach or added to Dosa batter.

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