Millet Pongal Mix - 200 GMS

  • Millet Pongal Mix  - 200 GMS

Millet Pongal Mix - 200 GMS

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  • Pongal is an famous breakfast dish of south india next to idly.

  • Millet Pongal mix made from fine blend of millet grains(Kodo millet,Little millet, Foxtail millet, Barnyard millet) added with natural ingredients like Pepper,Green Dal Grams,Jeera,Asasafotida,Cashewnnuts and Iodized Salt

  • Beneficial in detoxifying body,Lowers bad cholesterol,Helps in prevention of type-2 diabetes.

  • Eliminates Problems like constipation,bloating and excess gas.

  • Helps in liver,kidney and immune system health.

  • Helps protect from heart disease.

  • Our products are Natural,No added  Artificial Colors / Preservatives.


Ingredients Thinai,Samai,Varagu,Kuthiraivali,Pepper,Green Dal Grams,Jeera,Asafoetida,Cashew Nuts and Iodized Salt.
Weight 200 gms
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