• Pearl Millet / Kambu Dosa Mix Combo - (2 X 250 PACKS)

Pearl Millet / Kambu Dosa Mix Combo - (2 X 250 PACKS)

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  • Kambu Dosa mix made from fine blend of Kambu millet and other ingredients which makes perfect substitute for ordinary Rice Dosa.

  • Pearl millet or Miracle millet known as Kambu in Tamil,Bajra in Hindi,Sajje in Kannada,Sajjalu in Telugu & Kambam in Malayalam .

  • It is very rich in Calcium,Protein,Iron(8 times higher than rice) & Magnesium.It helps to reduce the bad cholestral level in our body.

  • Its a great body coolant.

  • Its consumed as porridge during summer.It helps to improve the digestion power & heals stomach ulcers too.

  • It helps to improve bowel movements & prevents constipation.It makes our body strong.It helps to increase the secretion of milk for lactating mothers

  • Our products are Natural,No side-effects has been found,but please consult your doctor if your allergic to certain products.

Ingredients Kambu, Urid Dal, Rice, fenugreek
Weight 2x250 gms
Cooking Instruction It can be used instantly. Allow it to ferment for 30 mins before cooking. Make sure tava or griddle pan is in low flame to get a great dosa. The Fermentation process makes the dish soft and helps in digestion.

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