Organic hairwash Arappu Powder - 250 GMS

Organic hairwash Arappu Powder - 250 GMS

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·         Hair washing with arappu makes you feel relax and cools your body. After wash, your hair looks so shiny & black lustrous.

·         This Herbal Powder acts as a Natural Conditioner too.

·         To get good lather, you can mix this Arappu Powder with Shikkakai powder.

·         The leaves and pods of Albizia amara serve a natural conditioner for the hair while washing hair. Even barks also used as conditioner.

·         It reduces heat of the body, it softens the hair, and it's a very good product for hair.

·         It is an old method of washing hair and very good for hair growth and nourishment Powder.

·         It has a sweet-smelling fragrance and has aromatic smell remains naturally in the hair for more than five days.

·         One of the studies revealed that arappu could soothe the scalp letting the cells to grow around the hair follicles producing a new shoot of hair.


Ingredients Natural Arappu powder
Weight 500 gms
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