Mudakathan / Balloon Vine Rice Mix - 100 GMS

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  • Balloon vine plant "Mudakathan Keerai" in Tamil,the name orginated as mudaku+attran means it fights joint related problem(arthritis) and other health benefits includes

  • Mudakathana keerai is a climber with balloon like fruits and it's botanical name is cardiospermum halicacabum.

  • Mudakathan keerai also treats all cold and cough related problems.

  • Relieves from constipation

  • Mudakathan keerai has rich source of anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant property.

  • Our products are natural,no added preservatives and no added colors.

Ingredients Mudakathan Leaf,Curry Leaf,Tamarind,Pepper,Cumin,Coriander,black gram, Red Gram,Red Chilli,Pepper,Asafoetida and Iodized Salt
Weight 100 gms
Cooking Instruction Add MUDAKATHAN POWDER in Hotrice with oil or ghee.

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