Thinai / Foxtail Millet Vermicelli-200gms

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Thinai / Foxtail Millet Vermicelli is a highly nutritious breakfast ingredient which is packed with essential nutrients such as fiber and protein. You can use this Vermicelli to rake up delicious vermichilli dishes.
It contains no preservatives and is recommended to store the product in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients thinai millet, Water, Wheat flour
Weight 200 gms
Cooking Instruction Soak Thulir Vermicelli in cold water for 1 minute and drain the water. Steam cook the soaked Thulir Millet Vermicelli in idly pan for 3 Minutes. Fry Mustard, Green Gram, Dhall, Onion, Green Chillies in two teaspoon full of oil, Add Steamed Millet Vermicelli and salt to taste with the fried onion and mix well

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