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We are an Online Store of millet based food products, cold pressed oils, herbal rice mix powders and instant mix. Browse our site for a complete list of natural & healthy food products handpicked for you.

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Packaging the product looks good.

Pearl Millet (01/03/2019)


asty, healthy, easy to make.

Little Millet (01/03/2019)


I want to purchase this oil this oil is very goid healthy for skin nd hair too

Sneha (24/01/2019)


Write down the process of how you prepare this powder...

MURUGAN (30/01/2019)


I stopped eating rice and changed to millet after a friend suggested to try millets. Especially barnyard millet. will share feedback of teh difference soon.

Janagar (26/12/2018)


super hit that millet noodles. i love it and child love it too. i stopped to use Maggie noodles .Baucus that is maida. unhealthy. thank u dear nativefoodstore. keep it up.

Tehrin (10/04/2019)


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